Friday, January 15, 2010

Death of friends

To Satyen

The patient smile,

the slightly chipped front tooth

the placid face, smiling,

a tinge of self-deprecation.

Standing in repose, leaning to one side,

The soft voice, undemanding nature,

the undemonstrative affection –

memories remain of the times

spent together, good and bad

happy and sad.

Someone summed up your forty-four years,

” …..came in quietly

worked silently for two decades,

left just as quietly, few ripples…”.

Only the tidal wave of shock,

The tsunami of tears that followed

And devastated the small family

So contented till yesterday.

Farewell, Somu

What do you say in farewell,

when you've shared-the first smoke and myriads later,

joys and discoveries of adolescence

shenanigans from Gaya to Goa, Chiraiyatar to Chinchpokli

books, meals, memories,

the first job,

the first motorcycle

the rigours of professional education

cups of chai and more potent brews.

His talent was unbounded, limited by his moods,

energy boundless, vision sweeping

repertoire ranging from tom jones to bhupen hazarika ( attested in person)

moods mercurial, voice mesmerizing

heart as big as a stadium (in his own words)

urge to embrace life in a bear hug

you could be angry at him, but not leave him

admire his talent, be mad at his fickleness

but never, ever forget him.

What can you say about a man

who loved and lived life king-size

and reveled in it

Farewell Somu, dear friend

may you compose and sing many more songs,

wherever large hearts take rest

and may your soul find peace.


To Joideb

It was toil all the way for you

Starting form adolescence

Through youth to middle age.

Everything that came your way

Was a result of dedication and toil,

But delayed.

Did that make you a cynic- never!

Did that account for your wry smile?

Just when you thought

“Now is the time to relax

to see the children flowering

the career to unfold

the toil to be rewarded”;

the grim reaper took you away.

Forty seven is no age to die

Of chicken pox

In the twenty first century!

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  1. Sir,

    I went through the poems..really liked it especially because I along with many readers are able to relate to the poems. The topics selected are like part of everyone's life and when one's life gets these kind of beautiful words, it really touches one's heart. I especially liked the poems dedicated to the friends.