Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why do men want sons?

Why do men, under-achieving
And mediocre, want sons?
Because in our beaten, half-bludgeoned souls
Sore with failures, we crave new men,
Those we carry in our blood, our sperm.
Who will achieve, what we could not
We were not bold enough to dream,
Wise and strong enough to achieve,

It will be like a new life.
Lived all over again,
A stack of new coins
Before a gambler
Who has lost his pile.
Another chance, at a better life
If at all, vicarious.

The world will remember us
For our more worthy sons
We fear death less
Than being forgotten.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Questions on quality of existence

Standing at the watershed, today looking forward
not so far away into the future,
I can see the river of life
take a plunge in to the unknown-
death, life after death, end or
new beginning who knows?
One thing is certain, I will not exist
As I have in this form, ever-changing as it is,
from that moment onwards.
Standing here at the watershed, today looking backward
Over the twists and turns
That the river of life has taken,
How would you evaluate my existence?
Am I a sum total of my achievements, successes?
Or am I a sum total of my failures?
The sum total of my efforts?
What I have done for myself?
What I have done for others?

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Combat of Shadows: Mating Call

Come let's shed the trappings of civilisation

The cocoons of respectability

And met in the arena of shadows

When fireflies glow with love.

Just two combatants

You and me, and let the bodies armed

With the Braille of love strain

To overcome each other in a combat

Neither of us win

or lose.

Let the minds soar

To a dizzying zenith

Where novas are born

Life so near death

And then fall caressing the clouds

Back to their vapid cages.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Desiderata for my daughter

You have been granted
a mind of your own,
a maturity beyond your years
and beauty.
Don’t let these divine gifts cloud your vision.
Let not your beauty
be an end or an asset,
it is indeed a mere chance,
a chromosomal lottery and
the credit is not yours but that of a forgotten ancestor.
Let your mind be free, assimilate all the good that there is in this world.
What you achieve is immaterial,
what portion of your potential
you have realised is important.
Where do we start the A B C of life,
that we as parents can equip you with, to live a meaningful life?

Always be on time.
The watch on your wrist
is not an ornament,
but a tool to subjugate
the fleeting minutes
and achieve what you want most.
If you plan to be on time you will be late.
Plan to be early and you will surely be on time.

Be honest to yourself
and you are but human.
Books lead you to a larger world,
the breadth of human experience,
thought and action.
They can help you to learn,
to pass a tedious hour,
to prepare for tomorrow,
to forget a sad today.
Read as much as you can,
for knowledge is power.

Compromise not what you consider important,
what you cherish.

Consider your options
before you commit.
If you commit ,do it.
Try not to live on credit.
Use it only when you must.

Do what you must do
to achieve your life’s goals,
what is close to your heart.
Have a dream. Dream,
for dreams ask people to strive for something better.

If something disagreeable
has to be done, do it.
Waiting won’t take it away or
lessen the negative feeling.

Every day is a tally sheet.
Did you improve, learn, gather
something new today?
Else it is lost, just another milestone
gone by in a blur.
Exercise your body and mind.
After all, your head needs a strong neck and shoulders to support it.

First things must be done first.
What’s first, depends on
what you want out of life.
One must have a few friends
one can trust,
to share both tears and laughter.
Without friends life is quite barren.
Friendship means
learning to accept a person
as he or she is and
not what you want them to be.
So, choose your friends with care,
once chosen, care for them.

Goodness is always there,
even in the darkest hour.
Search for it.
God is manifest in all
goodness of the human spirit.
All religions say it,
you better believe in it.

Hope is as perennial as grass;
God ensures a sunrise
after the darkest of nights.
Have faith on yourself and your abilities
Hope sustains you in crisis.
Hope and work for a better tomorrow.

I, perpendicular pronoun
is important
but more important is ‘we’.
Look beyond yourself
at the whole wide world of people;
some have more but
many more have much , much less.
Be thankful for the smallest pleasure that life has to offer.
They don’t cost anything.
Important you are for your parents
indispensable you are not for this world.
Lessen your I to a point where it does not blind you
but never, never let it become ‘i’.

Jealousy is a corrosive acid, beware.
It can burn you and all around. Learn to appreciate

and let it spur you to greater achievements.
Joy is as natural

as pain, try to be happy.
One does not need anything to be happy,
you can choose to be happy.

Kindness lifts a human
and brings him nearer God.
Never lose it or you are a machine.

Love is a power more potent
than any other feeling or force.
Even animals sense it.
People will love you
when your aura is pure and
that will bring more love and affection.

Love cannot have pre-conditions.
We love you because you are YOU
and not because you are perfect,

Men are half of God’s creation.
You will need one to live life.
So choose carefully the man
you want to spend your whole life with.
Music is a divine gift bestowed upon you.
It can lift a
from the depths of sorrow
to the peaks of joy.
Keep music alive in your heart.
Money is not everything, but it’s important.

It smoothens the path of life.
Spend only what you can afford,
but also save for a day when you may need it.

‘No’ is a word you have to use sometimes,
or people will use you.
Use ‘no’ to maintain your priorities, carefully.

O...is a circle. It means,
everything must come around.
What you do will come back to you.
It is also a mouth open in wonder.
Never lose your
sense of wonder.
There is so much in this world to wonder about,
to marvel at-a tiny flower,
myriad of stars,
birdsong at night, a child’s pure laughter,
golden sunsets, the sea crashing on the beach,

sunrise on a misty morning, a rainbow.

Pay your dues to society, to people.
Pleasure is as natural as pain.
Do not shrink from pleasure;
pamper yourself once in a while.
You deserve it.
Politeness does not cost a paisa
- but it pays back.
Be polite to people, but do not overdo it.
Plan your work, it will make the work easier.

Question the status quo, the present
and that will open new vistas.
Question yourself often, Is it right?
The answers are invariably there in your mind.

Respect yourself,
and the counsel of elders.
Remember names,
for names lead to people;
people lead to relationships.
Remember good times and
they will sustain you through bad.
Rest is as natural as work.

Sleep comes easily
when the mind is free.
Free your mind at the end of each day, meditate.
Slowly recount what you have done, search

for the good. Do not shrink
if you see something bad.
Save that memory
and the act will not be repeated .
Savour every moment, smile.

Trust yourself.
For others to trust you,
you must keep your word and promises every time .
Friendship and all relations are built on


yoU can change the world
in whatever way, small or big,
the power is in you.

Vivacious means full of life, vigour,
lively. You are, keep it that way

Why, what, when, who and how
are wonderful servants
for the mind to explore the world,
it’s truths, it’s expanse or minuteness,
everything in and around you

eXpand the horizons of your mind,
eXperience life in its fullness,
eXamine yourself,
eXplore the possibilities
you are eXtraordinary.

You are unique, nobody can create another.
Your actions therefore must reflect that.

Use your mind, it again is unique.

Zed, has a tone of finality,
it means everything must come to an end.
Zeal makes for a good beginning.
If you must do something
do it with zeal.
These are what we feel.
You can choose, what you like.

Inchoate Vision 2013, seen in 1999

 Inchoate Vision 2013, seen in 1999

Small house, where the air is still clean.
Comfortable by the standards of
'sai itna dijiye....',
With something left for sundowners
With old friends.
At least one climb above the snowline,
Before the salt overtakes the pepper.
Being accepted as I am, warts and all
By the only child, then an ‘I am OK’ adult
Old wife by the side, old rocking chair
Summer time chatter of grandchildren
Accepted as an expert, in the chosen field,
And a good teacher.
A book on management, perhaps
A book of poems definitely.
Sepia toned, fading photographs,
Of good times gone by, on the walls;
Much thumbed books on the shelves.

Telephone to remain connected,
computer to gaze at cyberspace.
New bicycle to loosen the stiffening joints,
young dog to walk the constitutionals

Three trees in the courtyard, a neem,
a mango and a guava to tempt
the passing schoolboys and
teach them something about life.
Death in my old dressing gown, in my own bed
Sudden, unaided and alone.
* Old Hindi couplet by Surdas,” Sai, itna dijiye, jame kutum samaye, mai bhukha na rahoon, sadhu na bhukha jai”: "God, give me only so much.., so that I and my family do not go hungry, nor the mendicant sadhu who come to my door."

Update 2015 0n Vision 2013!

Climbed over the snowline, 
drove to biking nirvana
salt has long overtaken the pepper
book on management now nearing a decade
book on poems, ready and waiting
good teacher, well, may be, yes
quite a few books waiting to be read
no grandchildren yet
the fruit trees can wait to grow 
for the courtyard 
and pictures on the walls, well
waiting for the walls
of the house, still a dream
rocking chair- still a few years away
the age of anecdotage a little distant
some oil still left in the lamp
to light few more lamps
some more miles to go.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Death of friends

To Satyen

The patient smile,

the slightly chipped front tooth

the placid face, smiling,

a tinge of self-deprecation.

Standing in repose, leaning to one side,

The soft voice, undemanding nature,

the undemonstrative affection –

memories remain of the times

spent together, good and bad

happy and sad.

Someone summed up your forty-four years,

” …..came in quietly

worked silently for two decades,

left just as quietly, few ripples…”.

Only the tidal wave of shock,

The tsunami of tears that followed

And devastated the small family

So contented till yesterday.

Farewell, Somu

What do you say in farewell,

when you've shared-the first smoke and myriads later,

joys and discoveries of adolescence

shenanigans from Gaya to Goa, Chiraiyatar to Chinchpokli

books, meals, memories,

the first job,

the first motorcycle

the rigours of professional education

cups of chai and more potent brews.

His talent was unbounded, limited by his moods,

energy boundless, vision sweeping

repertoire ranging from tom jones to bhupen hazarika ( attested in person)

moods mercurial, voice mesmerizing

heart as big as a stadium (in his own words)

urge to embrace life in a bear hug

you could be angry at him, but not leave him

admire his talent, be mad at his fickleness

but never, ever forget him.

What can you say about a man

who loved and lived life king-size

and reveled in it

Farewell Somu, dear friend

may you compose and sing many more songs,

wherever large hearts take rest

and may your soul find peace.


To Joideb

It was toil all the way for you

Starting form adolescence

Through youth to middle age.

Everything that came your way

Was a result of dedication and toil,

But delayed.

Did that make you a cynic- never!

Did that account for your wry smile?

Just when you thought

“Now is the time to relax

to see the children flowering

the career to unfold

the toil to be rewarded”;

the grim reaper took you away.

Forty seven is no age to die

Of chicken pox

In the twenty first century!