Friday, March 27, 2015

Old man who stares at mountains

Old man who stares at mountains
Sitting here on Debu-Nandita’s balcony
I feel
The late Spring sun on my back
I hear
The distant cow-bells
As stunted cattle go out to graze
The melodious mating call of the mountain mynah
The sibilant whisper of the breeze
Caressing the fronds of cheerh trees
I watch
The frenetic flight of the swifts
The languorous lammergeyer on its wings
The hurried fluttering of the hummingbird
Competing with the butterflies
Raiding the red rhododendrons.
And with my focussed-unfocussed eyes, see
The rolling hills, terraced fields and verdant valleys,
Distant Trishul and Nanda Ghunti
Playing hide-and-seek,
Perfectly content
With the evanescent frames and unchanging vista.

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