Friday, November 13, 2009

A Dog and His Tale

There was this puppy, young
Small, frisky and perhaps a little
Scared, as any pup.
They cut off his tail
So that he would grow up
Fierce and strong.
Predictably, it grew up
A dog fierce and strong,
Noticeable in any doggy ruckus
or even peaceful throng.
Aggression apparent in the stump of a tail
Always up, ready for a scrap
There was always this flicker
Of apprehension, perhaps fear
In the eyes of anyone who faced this dog.
But, whenever, this dog
Lay down to sleep
To see dog dreams,
Or whatever dogs see
When they are in slumber deep,
Phantom pain throbbed
In the tail that was no more;
Always a small frightened puppy
Who cried for his lost tail,
Whimpering, licking the stump,
Bleeding and sore.

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