Friday, November 13, 2009

Networth of Disk Family

The sum total of slogging
For two decades and more
Jubilation for few successes
Coping with myriad failures
Bending, swerving, learning,
Clinging to perilous footholds
In corporate Kargil and surviving.
The networth is dismal, financially
Eight lakhs and little more
Deduct outstanding loans
One credit card,
One eight year old car.
On the tangible assets column-
A loan-free seventeen year old fridge,
Four year old stereo, the Provident Fund Account,
A small plot of land (under litigation)-may even go to the liabilities head!
, and what have you?
One teenager, around whom the world
Should revolve,
One wife whose orbit sometimes touches yours.
Intangible assets-
Goodwill and love of many, many friends.
And a good, if quaint reputation.
In the balance sheet of life
You are the only liability of Disk Family Inc,
a.k.a. Double-Income-Single Kid Incorporated
(With unlimited liabilities).

Audited and Found true
Gautam Sinha

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