Friday, October 29, 2010

Questions on quality of existence

Standing at the watershed, today looking forward
not so far away into the future,
I can see the river of life
take a plunge in to the unknown-
death, life after death, end or
new beginning who knows?
One thing is certain, I will not exist
As I have in this form, ever-changing as it is,
from that moment onwards.
Standing here at the watershed, today looking backward
Over the twists and turns
That the river of life has taken,
How would you evaluate my existence?
Am I a sum total of my achievements, successes?
Or am I a sum total of my failures?
The sum total of my efforts?
What I have done for myself?
What I have done for others?


  1. Sir, you are the sum total of the success of each of your students.....

  2. For yourself, you seem to have done not badly but almost everyone thinks he could have done better or more. What you have done for others (not counting what you get paid for doing) is indeed a relevant question regarding the quality of your existence though you choose to ask this question at the end of your poem, almost grudgingly.

    Summating your successes and failures is a zero-sum game, my friend. I hope this realization dawns upon you well before the river of your life starts hurtling down, almost vertically, towards that bottomless abyss. When that (hurtling down) starts, you’ll be so busy screaming that new wisdom would be precluded.

  3. Seem totally unsure of your mere existence?? The poetry is's your life, your views ,your analysis.Then,why not sum it up yourself,why left to others to judge?I'm afraid that might not convince the 'dissatisfied soul'...what say??