Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Why do men want sons?

Why do men, under-achieving
And mediocre, want sons?
Because in our beaten, half-bludgeoned souls
Sore with failures, we crave new men,
Those we carry in our blood, our sperm.
Who will achieve, what we could not
We were not bold enough to dream,
Wise and strong enough to achieve,

It will be like a new life.
Lived all over again,
A stack of new coins
Before a gambler
Who has lost his pile.
Another chance, at a better life
If at all, vicarious.

The world will remember us
For our more worthy sons
We fear death less
Than being forgotten.


  1. Last lines are superb !! "We fear death less than being forgotten"...
    Waiting for more of such...

  2. Apparent philanthropy or fear of pain? Whatever it is, can not be counted as justice to the offspring ..

  3. "Some goals are so worthy, it's glorious even to fail" - Capt. Manoj Pandey (PVC)

    Nevertheless, goals are meant to be achieved. By you, or by your protege/ protegee.

    It will be like a new life.
    Lived all over again,
    A quiver filled with new arrows of Hope,
    Determination and Zeal.
    In thy veins rushing the new blood,
    Warmth of life it conceals.
    With every beat of his/ her heart, you can feel the gush of blood in your veins!
    Life has given you another chance to hold in your hands its reins!

    Tried to make it sound poetic like you Sir :-)

    The Men who have failed but who were brave enough to charge head on towards their goal without bothering about whether they would achieve it or not but just bothering about giving it their 200% and reaching the distance, don’t crave for sons or daughters but they do crave for a protégé whom they would teach everything they know and would set their eyes on the great goals and let them go free to either choose that goal or choose wisely enough another one of their choice, a goal worthy enough to spend all they have, upon achieving it. That’s what real men, successful or unsuccessful, but brave men, do.

  4. Another example of your multi directional interest and calibre.Carry on,Gautam

  5. New dimentions you have given to age old stigma..

  6. I like this one the most; of course, the ode to nicotine is a very close second :-)

  7. The previous comment was premature. Discovered greater gems from the 2009 archive.

  8. the last stanza is brilliant...touches on the vulnerability of mankind, our insecurity lest we are forgotten. and as children, this too makes perfect sense. we are the torchbearers of what our parents could not achieve..