Monday, October 29, 2012


You carried me inside your body
Brought me forth to this world,
I was told.
You fed me, held me
I snuggled instinctively.
You held me, drew me close,
I reciprocated, sought you out,
I remember.
And so it went on, till
Topsy-turvy teen age and
the incipient moustache on my upper lip
made me shun and even protest against
 any physical display of affection.
A little later there were none at all.
I grew in to manhood and you into middle age.
Then came marriage and fatherhood followed
And too soon, middle age is here for me.
Your passage to old age, was it easy
Or painful, I did not have time
To find out, or probably the inclination.
I have come a full circle
And sometimes long for your healing touch
On my scalp, my face
Where life has etched many lines, left many scars
In its wake- Maa.

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