Sunday, January 20, 2013

Biker's Song: Nameless Pleasure 2

Biker's  Song: Nameless Pleasure 2

My inherent liking for unstable equilibrium,
Where you cannot take status quo for granted,
The titillation of flirting
With the immutable laws of physics,
Specially on mountain roads
Where bleed the speed, brake, downshift, take the turn
Build up speed, up-shift become a litany for the limbs,
Where the mind is a coordinator, focused and
Concentrating its powers on a point
Twenty odd metres ahead.
Eyes remain focused/unfocussed;
Ears revel in the comfortable chawanni-athhanni in my pocket
  cadence of the valve-train,
Overlaying a sewing machine buzz,
offset by the bass burble of the exhaust on engine braking
and banshee scream on acceleration
a divine orchestra!
You exist in a flow, moment by moment,
Conscious of nothing but that moment.
Surely beats meditation!
Caveat: Biker’s Song

Flirting with the immutable laws of physics
Is fine till it lasts.
Daring Newton often, Bernoulli sometimes is OK, but

Law of averages has the tendency of catching up!

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